To All My Dear Friends

To All My Dear Friends: Transparent Voyages

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Artist: To All My Dear Friends
Title: Transparent Voyages

To All My Dear Friends. Mostly instrumental. Full of emotion. Marc Hennessey on violin, guitar and vocals. Greg Stull on drums and percussion. The violin and guitar are woven together live through a process called looping while backed by drums, creating an almost post-rock sound. Hi-art. Orchestral. Expressive.

1.1 Awake
1.2 Throwing Back Without Absorbing
1.3 Japan to Kenya ; Back
1.4 The Book of Tofu
1.5 Roaring Springs
1.6 Vision
1.7 Perceptions of Use
1.8 The Transparent Voyage
1.9 Our Own Way
1.10 A Silent Collapse
1.11 Trying to Touch the Moon
1.12 [Untitled]

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