To Have Heroes: EP

To Have Heroes: EP
Title: EP
Label: CD Baby

What do you do when you're not a band, but you're not a solo artist? You give it a name. I chose, \'To Have Heroes\', to be that name. This is my \'project\'. Over the past eight years of my life I've become friends with some incredible musicians. Some live in Tulsa, some in Austin, Nashville, and New York. Oh yeah, and one lives in American Idol. To Have Heroes is my way of beginning to see what I sound like with the help of all of these different \'musically inclined\' friends. Right now I'm writing and recording some new songs, and maybe hanging on to a few old ones. There will be new music very soon so please keep checkin\' in. I hope you dig it, if not, go somewhere else. Peas, -andy skib.

1.1 Reasons
1.2 Don't Give Up on Us
1.3 Story of Your Life
1.4 Better Day
1.5 Fairweather Friend
1.6 Girl

To Have Heroes: EP

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