Toby Rivera

Toby Rivera: My Salsa Collection

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Artist: Toby Rivera

Artist: Toby Rivera
Title: My Salsa Collection

My music contains salsa Charanga and romance and English you could sit down and enjoy the sound,or you get up and dance, or do what a lot of people do wiggle your but on the chair je je this production contains more than fifty musicians cause there all different era of music of my music career it's a good c d . it's a must have c d for your collection, Toby Rrivera my salsa collection thanking you in advance your musical servant Toby R ivera.

1.1 Hipocrecia [ Radio Version]
1.2 Quiero Dormir C Ansado
1.3 La Carrera de los Gordos
1.4 Colombia
1.5 Un Dia a la Vez
1.6 No Te Pareces a Nadie
1.7 No la Culpes a Ella
1.8 La Protesta de los Chivos
1.9 That's What Love's About
1.10 El Pregon Del Campesino
1.11 La Cinta Verde
1.12 Mi Ritmo Llego
1.13 La Mania de Mi Mujer
1.14 Hipocrecia {Club Version]

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