Todd McHatton

Todd McHatton: Super Audio Sunshine

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Artist: Todd McHatton

Artist: Todd McHatton
Title: Super Audio Sunshine

Todd McHatton is back with more of his spectacular spaced out joyful sunshine garage pop. Waves of psychedelia and fuzzed out dance grooves coexist with sweet acoustic numbers, vintage rock and roll, and layers of rich vocal harmonies. On his sixth studio album McHatton is once again a one man show handling all the writing, production, instruments, and artwork. Fans of The Flaming Lips, Prince, and Nilsson should find much to love with this beautiful blur of sound. McHatton's raw primitive brilliance sounds simultaneously timeless and new. His catchy songs and complex arrangements are graceful and packed with little wonders. He indulges in song craft and expressive character voices throughout. What comes through is irrepressibly upbeat, colorful, diverse, fun - it's a view into his heart and soul. Super Audio Sunshine is wonderful fun for kids and adults of all ages.

1.1 Everything You Always Wanted
1.2 A Slice of Pie
1.3 What Makes Me Smile
1.4 Wonderbuzz
1.5 Sweet Bangs
1.6 Vroom
1.7 Refreshments on Neptune
1.8 There'll Be Time
1.9 Washing Me Machine
1.10 Out of My Tree
1.11 Too Deep Pockets
1.12 Rolled Up and Riddled in Stars
1.13 Giraffe on a Flaming Unicycle
1.14 Bloom and Swoon
1.15 I Love You More
1.16 Every Little Monster

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