Todd & the Fox: Todd & the Fox

Todd & the Fox: Todd & the Fox
Title: Todd & the Fox
Label: CD Baby

"Todd & the Fox has an unforgettably awesome sound right out of the gate. Given the international hysteria surrounding indie duos (not to mention anything with an even slightly country/folk sound), it has a decent head start on the road to super-stardom.' Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter "Todd & the Fox gets it right and seamlessly blends elements of roots music and elements of electro without sounding derivative," Rob DeWalt, Pasatiempo magazine 'Lovato's open-tuned banjo creates a drone that sounds ancient, beautifully compelling and just a little tragic. You could dig at the compositions for a long time and not get to the bottom of every note, phrase and lyric. They're sometimes incredibly warm, sometimes twisted. The band is more front porch than noisy club. More living room than auditorium. The album is earthy, but you can still dance to it. A very Southern word, 'lawd,' popped out of my mouth on my first listen.' Jim Phillips, Weekly Alibi "Somewhere along the Americana trail from Appalachia to Mississippi and up through the Río Grande Valley lie the origins of the sound that pulses in the room. It's hard to imagine a banjo reshaping the chord progression of a Mexican folksong, but somehow it works...Todd and the Fox are central in the evolution of new a Latin music scene in New Mexico. They are part of a growing coterie of musicians that culls from a panoramic source of traditional influences to create expansive new sounds." Gabe Gomez, New Mexico Magazine.

1.1 Amanda
1.2 Red Fox
1.3 Atlas
1.4 Menudo
1.5 Cat Tales
1.6 Old Blue
1.7 You'll Never Be Like Her
1.8 Lights Out
1.9 Things Will Be Better
1.10 Better / Worse
1.11 Moses Stuttered
1.12 Vespers
1.13 Sorry, Zozobra

Todd & the Fox: Todd & the Fox

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