Todd Walton

Todd Walton: Ceremonies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Todd Walton

Title: Ceremonies
Label: CD Baby

Following the success of my CD 43 short piano improvisations (also available from CD Baby) and in response to many requests for longer piano pieces, I decided to create an album of extended improvisations, each an accompaniment to an imagined ceremony. What I discovered during the six months it took to make this album, was that whenever I tried to make a conscious decision about how the music should sound, the composition failed. Only by staying entirely focused on the ceremony I was watching in my mind's eye, and only by staying rhythmically true to that ceremony, was I able to create successful spontaneous compositions; and these pieces do sound composed, though they are entirely improvised.

1.1 Ceremony of the Child
1.2 The Hopeless Optimist
1.3 Procession of Desire
1.4 Baptism
1.5 Slebnder Sadness
1.6 Blue Cathedral
1.7 Santa Juliette
1.8 Four of Wands
1.9 The Magician
1.10 The Goodly Fool
1.11 Now and Then
1.12 Lions
1.13 Ling Ch'i Ching
1.14 What You Do Redux
1.15 Dance of the Seahorses
1.16 One Last Ceremony

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