Todor Kobakov

Todor Kobakov: Pop Music

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Artist: Todor Kobakov

Artist: Todor Kobakov
Title: Pop Music

Classically trained music/film composer, musician, and producer Todor Kobakov has one foot planted at the centre of Canada's Indie Rock scene and the other placed deep within the world of classical music. The piano prodigy has worked with Stars, Emily Haines, Sarah Slean, Luke Doucet, Small Sins, Jason Collett and many others. Now Kobakov steps in to the spotlight with Pop Music, his debut solo piano album, featuring 11 gorgeous original pieces that will stir the soul of any music fan. Cuto. 2009.

1.1 Isolated Incident
1.2 Toronto Stories
1.3 Bitter Sweet Confusion
1.4 Carpe Diem Feat. Emily Haines
1.5 Tokyo at Night
1.6 North Train
1.7 Self Portrait
1.8 Loving Hands Feat. Tunde Adebimpe
1.9 Panic
1.10 We Are Many
1.11 Little Warrior

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