Togetherness: Everybody's Irish

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Artist: Togetherness

Artist: Togetherness
Title: Everybody's Irish

Executive Producer: Barbara Mangano Producer: Peter Millrose Recorded and mixed at Millrose Music Studios, New York, NY Lead Vocals: Barbara Mangano and Andrew Stewart 'Powa Don' Backup Vocals: Peter Millrose, Elizabeth Kelly Lubaszka, Susan Oliver, Kim Ahearn Young, Janet Rothstein Drums: Tass Filipos Bass: Joel Shelton Mandolin: Jay Berliner Flute, Tin Whistle: Diane Doolittle Fiddle: Vance Archer Music by: Barbara Mangano and Joel Shelton Lyrics by: Barbara Mangano and Andrew Stewart Special thanks to Sean 'Ice' Waters, Louise Mercado, Edie Stokes and Landshark CD First music video performed on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NY, March, 2005 First radio play and live interview with Miss Barbara and Powa D on the Mitch Winston Show in Riverhead, NY, St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/2005 First live stage performance at the Garden State Arts Center in Neptune, NJ, March, 2005 Number One on the charts on Ison Live Radio., Australia, 2005 Top Ten on the charts on Ison Live Radio, Australia, 2005 Air play on the Jonathon Brandmeier Show, Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA Air play on the Guy Bauer Half Hour Live Internet Late Night Talk Show, Chicago, IL and live interview with Powa Don on St. Patrick's Day, 2009 Air play on the Heat Unlimited Show with Jingo Bram in Kingston, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

1.1 Everybody's Irish (Vocal) - Togetherness
1.2 Everybody's Irish (Instrumental) - Togetherness

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