Tom Allen: Tales of Knight

Tom Allen Project: Tales of Knight
Title: Tales of Knight
Label: CD Baby

Reviews: Island Ear - \'.This is a band who does some imaginative things in the hard rock idiom. Lyrically, Allens songs are at once emotional, romantic, satirical, hilarious, and sometimes downright weird. Originals such as \'Castles in the Sand,\' \'The Pigeon Song,\' and \'Hey You,\' demonstrated this band\'s prowess at turning just about any experience into an interesting song, and presenting it with solid, thorough musicianship. The instrumental \'18 Strings\'(Where Is My Heart) showcased some great acoustic and electric guitar work from Allen and Frey respectively. This band guarantees to surprise and intrigue those looking for something a little different in rock.\' Flushing TImes - \'This Band kicks ass\' Bayside Reviews - \'The music and lyrics were coherent. This is a band that makes sense\' Whitestone Times- \'This is a happy band of seasoned veterans\' Music Scene - \'....there were three songs that drew me in closer. \'The Pigeon Song\', \'Come With Me\' and \'So Much.\' The \'Pigeon Song\' describes the singers misfortune while out on his roof one day and progresses into a more meaningful lyric. \'Come With Me\' beckons the listener to follow the singer to an unknown place, possibly another dimension. Musically this song truly showcases the bands talents. Progressive changes and acoustic surprises lead to an energetic instrumental decline. \'So Much\' is a basic love song turned breakup song. The acoustic intro leads to a crescendo that carries the song from lyrical harmonies to solidly supported lead guitars and back. (They) are too complex to be called \'just another band.\' Do your self a favor and check them out.

1.1 Time for All Time
1.2 Together Again
1.3 Tales of Knight
1.4 Ever Since
1.5 Run
1.6 Hasn't Been Rain
1.7 Writeland Valley
1.8 Hey You ! !
1.9 Castles in the Sand
1.10 Temujin (Ode to Genghis Khan)

Tom Allen: Tales of Knight

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