Tom Ameen

Tom Ameen: Reflections of Love

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Artist: Tom Ameen

Artist: Tom Ameen
Title: Reflections of Love

Tom's brand new CD 'Reflections of Love' features 13 all new original songs that are inspired by love. Featuring solo piano, the melodies will take you on a journey of discovery, tranquility, peacefulness and delight. This CD is the perfect soundtrack for a romantic evening 'in' with your spouse, or to relax in the car after a stressful day of work. The songs will surely take you to a place of relaxation and contemplation. And as a bonus, Tom includes the song 'Almondine' written for piano and cello. Almondine is based on the novel 'The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle' by David Wroblewski. The song is inspired by the very special relationship between a boy and his dog.

1.1 Discovering You
1.2 Awakened Memories
1.3 Love's Arrival
1.4 Getting to Know You
1.5 Paradise Found
1.6 In the Moment
1.7 Choices
1.8 Promises
1.9 Letting the Light in
1.10 Nightfall
1.11 Second Time Around
1.12 Reflections of Love
1.13 Almondine

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