Algebro: Algebro Album

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Algebro

Title: Algebro Album
Label: CD Baby

Algebro is Thom Cathcart. His eleven tracks written over the course of a decade comprise the thirty eight minutes of his debut produced by band member Eddie Dixon. Algebro plays guitar and sings all tracks while Dixon and many others round out the sound with everything from full kit, electronic beats, bowed bass, shredding electrics, harmonica, trumpet, bass clarinet, and tuba (to name a few).

1.1 The Strangest Girl I've Ever Known
1.2 Tangent
1.3 Meddling Italian Neighbors
1.4 The Lion and the Colorado
1.5 A Good Gumshoe
1.6 A Christmas Carol
1.7 Playground of Hard Knocks
1.8 9 or 10
1.9 Miracle Lipstick
1.10 Money Spends, Jesus Saves
1.11 Algebro Is King

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