Tom Evans: You Touch Me

Tom Evans: You Touch Me
Title: You Touch Me
Label: CD Baby

Born in Tennessee and grew in the country. Raised on the dairy farm, helped milked the cows everyday. Listened to country music while milking the cows. Starting singing to the cows to pass the time. Began driving a truck over the road when I grew up. Sang country music over the CB radio. The other truckers seemed to like it, and suggested that I record my songs. So here they are and I hope you like them.

1.1 That Ain't Love
1.2 I'll Quit Tomorrow
1.3 Thank God for Sandy
1.4 Door Without a Key
1.5 Jackie's Ride
1.6 Brown Eyed Baby Doll
1.7 You Touch Me
1.8 Jesus You and Me
1.9 Please
1.10 Sunday Games
1.11 Too Hurt to Cry
1.12 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Tom Evans: You Touch Me

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