Tom Giampietro

Tom Giampietro: A Faith Rewarded

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Artist: Tom Giampietro

Artist: Tom Giampietro
Title: A Faith Rewarded

Tom Giampietro has recorded or toured with such dynamic musicians/leaders as Jeff Coffin, and Casey Driessen. This is Giampietro's first solo record. The music was written to compliment the sound of each musician in the band. And it shows! Giampietro's bandmates-Don Aliquo, Chris Walters and Jonathan Wires-give wonderfully lyrical and exciting performances on this recording.

1.1 Bag Be
1.2 Saying the Say
1.3 Again, Says Julia
1.4 Rompin' at the Russell
1.5 From Ed's Well
1.6 The One I Most Regret
1.7 Enter the Third Line
1.8 Melina's Moxie (Simply Beautiful)
1.9 A Faith Rewarded

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