Tom Goux

Tom Goux: Born of Another Time: Songs of the Sailors

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tom Goux

Title: Born of Another Time: Songs of the Sailors
Label: Folkways Records

Tom Goux, musicologist, educator, and instrumentalist, and oceanographer and musician Jacek Sulanowski perform classic sea chanties on this 1982 release. They present 14 songs with a "delicate regard for the (often indelicate) blood-and-bones origin of seamen and fisherfolk." Liner notes include commentary from the duo, song notes, and lyrics.

1.1 Early in the Mornin'
1.2 Believe Me, Dearest Susan
1.3 Can of Grog
1.4 Gradh Geal Mo Chridh - An Eriskay Love Lilt
1.5 Married to a Mermaid
1.6 High Barbary
1.7 Chinee Bumboatman
1.8 Rosie
1.9 Hearts of Gold
1.10 Ebenezer
1.11 The Girls Around Cape Horn
1.12 Mary L. MacKay
1.13 Born of Another Time
1.14 Ol' Zeb

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