Tom Kubis

Tom Kubis: Live & Unleashed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tom Kubis

Title: Live & Unleashed
Label: CD Baby

I have always felt my band was about having fun and having great soloists and this is what we have done for a long long time. This was a great opportunity to record a live album and have everyone play away from the studio. This is our family and we go back a long long way! Anyway, sit back and enjoy. Tom Kubis.

1.1 No Smoking in the Boy's Room (Live)
1.2 I'm Gonna Tell (Live)
1.3 Theme in Search of a Spy Movie (Live)
1.4 Purple Porpoise Parkway (Live)
1.5 No 3 Ways About It (Live)
1.6 Pearl for Merle (Live)
1.7 Snappy Yet Snippy (Live)
1.8 Please No Saxting! (Live)
1.9 No Shortage of Coolness (Live)
1.10 Well Alright Ok You Win! (Live)
1.11 One More (Live)
1.12 Mario Bros. (Live)
1.13 Streetcorner Symphony (Live)
1.14 Police Squad (Live)

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