Tom McCormack

Tom McCormack: Legends from Western Tribes: Revisited

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Artist: Tom McCormack

Artist: Tom McCormack
Title: Legends from Western Tribes: Revisited

The storytelling selections on this CD are from the following western tribes: Tsuu-Tina (Sarcee) from Alberta Canada - Wishram (two selections) from Washington - Hopi (Arizona) - San Juan Pueblo (New Mexico) - Pomo (California) - Cheyenne (Montana) - Lakota/Sioux (South Dakota) and inter-tribal Cedar Flute Music.

1.1 Buffalo Lake
1.2 Coyote and the Mouthless Man
1.3 The Artist and the Snakes
1.4 Coyote and Eagle Visit the Land of the Dead
1.5 San Juan de Caballeros
1.6 The Great Horned Owls Take Night Flight
1.7 Checkerback and the 50 Young Men
1.8 White Buffalo Calfwoman Returns
1.9 Flute Love Medicine

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