Tom Nolan Band: Fee the Future Start

Tom Nolan Band: Fee the Future Start
Title: Fee the Future Start
Label: CD Baby

TOM NOLAN BAND After fifteen years, Tom Nolan Band has become an overnight sensation. In September of 2006, they are releasing two CDs. "Feel the Future Start" features new original material, and "Soul" is a tribute disc, with a few TNB chestnuts added. These two CDs are the fifth and sixth releases for the band. They mark the band's growth to ten members, adding trombone and trumpet to the horn section. The band recorded as "live" as possible at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, with the help of veteran producer, Andy Waterman. The CDs carry on the tradition of roots dance music and strong songwriting that has characterized the band's recording efforts. Tom says, "this is our best effort so far. We're really proud." The Tom Nolan Band is a grass roots effort that has taken hold. It started in a garage, was cultivated in clubs, and has moved onto the festival stage. The band typically plays for over 50,000 people a summer, making appearances at jazz and blues festivals and community concerts all over California. Tom sings lead and plays harmonica and percussion. David Hoyt joins him on guitar and vocals, Victor Cisneros and Jackie Klimek provide saxophones, Ms. Jade is a featured vocalist, Scott Hitchings is on keys, David Brown on bass, Eric Meeks on drums, Evan Avery on trumpet, and Jose Arrellano on trombone. Tom is the primary songwriter, but he shares credit with David Hoyt, David Brown, and Scott Hitchings on these tunes. Besides being a songwriter and bandleader, Tom is an educator and an actor. He has appeared in twenty films, two television series, and on the stage in New York and Los Angeles. Tom has been working with youth for twenty years, and is currently the Dean of Students at the Crossroads School in Santa Monica. Five other members of the band work in Los Angeles schools. Tom says, "we are an activist band, and we are all strong family people. It seems natural that so many of us would be involved in education." The band has performed at benefits for Heal the Bay, Habitat for Humanity, the Concern Foundation, the MS Foundation, New Orleans Musicians' Relief Fund, The Red Cross, and many schools. They have appeared at multiple Playboy Jazz Community Concerts, the Verizon Festival, Shasta Blues Festival, Park City Jazz Festival, Santa Barbara Jazz Festival, Glendale Jazz Festival, and myriad community concerts around California. With six CDs to it's credit, a large local following, songs appearing on 'My Name Is Earl,' and a busy touring schedule, the Tom Nolan Band has hopes for one thing: they would like to play all over the world, and bring their infectious dance music to music lovers everywhere. They have wide appeal, and a positive, soulful message. If hard work, talent, inspiration, and commitment mean anything, their dreams are certain to come true. Contact info: email: web:

1.1 Have a Good Time
1.2 Born Under a Lucky Star
1.3 Red Heads and Red Wine
1.4 You Can Count on Me
1.5 Right State of Mind
1.6 I Wish
1.7 Get a Little
1.8 Feel the Future Start
1.9 Pick Up the Phone
1.10 Constant Love
1.11 Long Distance Love
1.12 No More Wasted Time

Tom Nolan Band: Fee the Future Start

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