Tom Panei

Tom Panei: Acoustic Sessions

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Artist: Tom Panei

Artist: Tom Panei
Title: Acoustic Sessions

For over 20yrs, this singer/songwriter has been fine tuning his writing skills to finally put together an album of his own. From his smooth vocals, folky guitars sounds, and a hint of Jazz, this is an album that is worth listening to until the end. Every track takes you to a different place in the artist's mind and fulfills the music that is great to listen to. From talented musicians friends all over the country, this album was put together over a span of 2 years and many miles in between. This is definitely an album to add to any collection.

1.1 Life Is Easier
1.2 Faded
1.3 Burn
1.4 Trainwreck
1.5 In the Afternoon
1.6 Rather
1.7 A Million Miles
1.8 My Time

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