Petty, Tom: Wildflowers & All The Rest

Tom Petty: Wildflowers & All The Rest
Title: Wildflowers & All The Rest
Label: Warner Records

Deluxe four CD edition. Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Tom Petty's 1994 release. Contains the 15 track original album (remastered), All The Rest (10 songs from the original Wildflowers sessions), a full CD of 15 solo demos recorded by Petty at his home studio, and a disc of 14 live versions of Wildflowers songs recorded from 1995 - 2017

1.1 Wildflowers
1.2 You Don't Know How It Feels
1.3 Time to Move on
1.4 You Wreck Me
1.5 It's Good to Be King
1.6 Only a Broken Heart
1.7 Honey Bee
1.8 Don't Fade on Me
1.9 Hard on Me
1.10 Cabin Down Below
1.11 To Find a Friend
1.12 A Higher Place
1.13 House in the Woods
1.14 Crawling Back to You
1.15 Wake Up Time
2.1 Something Could Happen
2.2 Leave Virginia Alone
2.3 Climb That Hill Blues
2.4 Confusion Wheel
2.5 California
2.6 Harry Green
2.7 Hope You Never
2.8 Somewhere Under Heaven
2.9 Climb That Hill
2.10 Hung Up and Overdue
3.1 There Goes Angela (Dream Away)
3.2 You Don't Know How It Feels
3.3 California
3.4 A Feeling of Peace
3.5 Leave Virginia Alone
3.6 Crawling Back to You
3.7 Don't Fade on Me
3.8 Confusion Wheel
3.9 A Hugher Place
3.10 There's a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)
3.11 To Find a Friend
3.12 Only a Broken Heart
3.13 Wake Uo Time
3.14 Hung Up and Overdue
3.15 Wildflowers
4.1 You Don't Know How It Feels
4.2 Honey Bee
4.3 To Find a Friend
4.4 Walls
4.5 Crawling Back to You
4.6 Cabin Down Below
4.7 Drivin' Down to Georgia
4.8 House in the Woods
4.9 Girl on LSD
4.10 Time to Move on
4.11 Wake Up Time
4.12 It's Good to Be King
4.13 You Wreck Me
4.14 Wildflowers

Petty, Tom: Wildflowers & All The Rest

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