Tomas Barfod

Tomas Barfod: Love Me

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Artist: Tomas Barfod

Artist: Tomas Barfod
Title: Love Me
Product Type: VINYL LP

Love Me is an album that takes Tomas Barfod's spirit of adventurousness and raises the stakes. Utilising a supporting cast that includes a string and brass section, and musicians like Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple and long-term collaborator Nina K. on vocal duties, it's a multi-layered album that effortlessly pushes and pulls dance and electronic music into a myriad different shapes.

1.1 Bell House (Feat. Luke Temple)
1.2 Pulsing (Feat. Nina K.)
1.3 Destiny's Child
1.4 Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K.)
1.5 Honey (Feat. Sleep Party People)
1.6 Aftermath (Feat. Nina K.)
1.7 Blue Matter (Feat. Jeppe Kjellberg)
1.8 Waiting for Us (Feat. Nina K.)
1.9 Mandalay
1.10 Sell You (Feat. Night Beds)
1.11 Lost (Feat. Pell)

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