Tomas C.: Resurrection of Killer Cortez

Tomas C.: Resurrection of Killer Cortez
Title: Resurrection of Killer Cortez
Label: CD Baby

You can expect a lyrical onslaught of new tracks on this sophomore album from Tomas C. While the album is an EP, 9 tracks including a Radio Edit version of the albums 2nd track 'Bigg Dippah', it does not fail to hit on all cylinders. Tomas covers a wide array of subjects from his return to the game as a solo artist after a 6 year layoff to the highly controversial subject of Illegal Immigration on his track 'Revolution'. The album starts off strong with the title track and keeps listeners on their toes with lyrical tracks such as 'Cyanide' & 'Panic Room', heavy metaphors on even heavier beats. On 'The Learning Curve' Tomas' incredible story telling ability allows you to vividly enter the worlds of 3 different people struggling to learn life's lessons, some fail, some learn the hard way and some open up their hearts to learn. 'Smokin Dro Frasier' pairs Tomas with his label mate Purp Nasty on a slow melodic track about smoking while 'Bigg Dippah', an upbeat ode to ladies with nice bottoms, takes you straight to the club and is sure to be a hit. The album only breaks the 30 minute mark but it's filled with more than enough substance to satisfy any true Hip Hop head. The album matches real skill and a politically charged message with 'good time' lyrics to create a true 'Resurrection' of old classic hip hop music.

1.1 The Resurrection
1.2 Bigg Dippah
1.3 Cyanide
1.4 K.F.C
1.5 Smokin Dro Frasier
1.6 The Learning Curve
1.7 Panic Room
1.8 Revolution
1.9 Bigg Dippah (Radio Edit)

Tomas C.: Resurrection of Killer Cortez

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