Tomas Michaud: In the Presence of Angels

Tomas Michaud: In the Presence of Angels
Title: In the Presence of Angels
Label: CD Baby

MUSIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS. 7 CLASSIC CHRISTMAS SONGS WITH A FLAMENCO/SMOOTH JAZZ TWIST. 3 ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS. '...rivals or exceeds some of the more well known artists of this genre' - Rico, Top 500 Review Artist Profile - The Tomas Michaud Story Most guitarists in the Flamenco influenced genre today seem more interested with finger pyrotechnics and how many notes can fit into a musical passage than in communicating on a deep emotional level with their listener. Though technical proficiency is not in short supply, Tomas Michaud is clearly a different kind of guitarist. While creating his own blend of Smooth Jazz and Flamenco guitar with subtle twists of Latin American grooves and Middle Eastern Percussion, Tomas weaves a melodic, almost vocal, tapestry with his guitar that, if one listens carefully, can breath beauty and sacredness into even the most mundane events of daily life. There's a kind of mystical yet practical spirituality to his music that has the effect of both calming and energizing. Tomas creates music that is exotic with a lingering sense of the familiar. Perhaps it's his ability to meld the sights and sounds of his travels to far away places with his upbringing in the American pop culture. He writes the kind of songs that creates images of places you'd like to be often - even if only in your imagination. His influences are such diverse music talents as Santana, who communicates profound beauty in the way he plays even a few notes, and the Gipsy Kings, who are masters at creating songs which take the listener on a romantic, exotic adventure. In his new album,' New World Flamenco Jazz', songs such as 'Seville' not only take you on a musical imagery filled trip to Seville, Spain where he composed the song, but brings us face to face with the mysterious and somewhat magical force that delivers ideas and realizations in our dreams while we sleep. Inspired by a dream, one can't help but wonder where a powerful and evocative melody like this comes from. From beginning to end of this CD Tomas puts forth a musical calling for embracing and being grateful for who we are, for being alive and believing in ourselves and for appreciating both the uniqueness and the common elements we share as different cultures and one humanity. An example of this can be experienced by listening to the song 'Moroccan Lullaby' with eyes closed. While this song lures us on an adventure to an exotic world of belly dancers and musty smells one can't help but experience, at the same time, a world where diverse instruments and sounds work together seamlessly and in perfect harmony. It's been said that music has the ability to 'sooth the savage beast'. If this is true Tomas takes it to new heights. He communicates intimately; one on one, with his listeners with music that seems to reach right into a deep, tender place. The effect is that of not only soothing the emotional beast but uplifting on a profound spiritual level as well.

1.1 Hark, the Harold Angels Sing
1.2 Little Drummer Boy
1.3 Melanie's Song/Jingle Bells
1.4 Song for Peace
1.5 Angels We Have Heard on High
1.6 In the Presence of Angels/4 Angie
1.7 Joy to the World
1.8 The Journey/We Three Kings
1.9 Only Love
1.10 Away in the Manger

Tomas Michaud: In the Presence of Angels

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