Tommy Carpenter

Tommy Carpenter: Tailwinds

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Artist: Tommy Carpenter

Artist: Tommy Carpenter
Title: Tailwinds

Tommy Carpenter is an American singer-songwriter known for merging classic country vocals and guitars with various rock and roll styles. With deep roots in Appalachian gospel, Bakersfield country and 50's rock and roll, Tommy has combined several genres into what can only be described as Americana. While attending college at West Virginia University, Tommy founded and led several alternative, college rock bands, but became more active as a solo artist. Over time his country music roots began to prevail and his primary interest centered on developing a sound that combined a retro country feel with the melodies that popular rock offered. Relocating to Florida in 1999, his writing continued but his interests began shifting solely to songwriting with an occasional live show to test the latest material. As a story-teller, Tommy weaves the routine into the spiritual with an emphasis on personal growth through introspection. Sticky melodies, creative riffs and light vocals relax the listener with the intent to elicit similar emotions and thought. With relatable lyrics, his writing style often alternates between the melodic and the lyrical, with an organic feel that engages and brings the listener into the story line. A prolific writer, Tommy wrote, produced and performed on two recent, solo albums with the help of the talented Ed Woltil (Ditchflowers). In 2011, he released Elkins City Limits and followed with Northern Lights in 2013. These two albums serve as a contrast to each other and display the versatility that makes his projects diverse yet in sync. Tommy's latest release Tailwinds (released in March 2014) leans toward rock and roll but cannot ignore his country vocal influences. What appears is an amalgamation of country and rock balancing a light and relaxing vocal performance that offers a wide appeal to listeners that cannot settle for one specific style of music. Featuring Almost Heaven and Surrounded, Tommy takes on the past and present and presents them in a time-neutral fashion that is overflowing with emotion and honesty. Tailwinds brings together an experienced group of contributing artists with Chris White (Bass), Jeff Narkiewicz (Bass), Mike Chaney (Drums), Dana Walsh (Engineer & Guitars), Ed Woltil and Christian Greene (Backing Vocals). Tommy resides in Madeira Beach, FL with his wife Michelle and son Jack.

1.1 Almost Heaven
1.2 Surrounded
1.3 In the Sun
1.4 Right or Wrong
1.5 Fool's Gold
1.6 Pushing Through
1.7 Your Disguise
1.8 More to It
1.9 The Long Ride
1.10 Twelve
1.11 Turn on the Lights
1.12 Booze Blanket

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