Tommy Steele: Real Steele

Tommy Steele: Real Steele
Title: Real Steele
Label: Adasam

Reissue of this archive collection from the British Rock 'N' Roll star of the '50s and '60s. Tommy Steele OBE was going to be our answer to Elvis Presley - at least that was the hope for him when discovered by photographer John Kennedy. Taking the lead from the US charts, Steele and other singers of the era would cover the American chart hits and release them before the original versions were officially available in the UK. This release includes the ultra rare track 'The Truth About Me' which was originally only given away free with the weekly magazine 'Weekend' as a six inch 78 rpm record and to date has never been commercially released. Also included are the rare tracks 'Thanks a Lot' and 'Family Tree,' both of which originally featured on the soundtrack to the film the Duke Wore Jeans and until now previously unreleased on CD. Blue Orchid.

1.1 Rock with the Caveman
1.2 What Is This Thing Called Love
1.3 Doomsday Rock
1.4 Young Love
1.5 Singing the Blues
1.6 Giddy Up a Ding Dong
1.7 Knee Deep in the Blues
1.8 Teenage Party
1.9 Butterfingers
1.10 Razzle Dazzle
1.11 Shiralee (From "Shiralee")
1.12 Take Me Back, Baby
1.13 Water, Water
1.14 Kaw-Liga
1.15 A Handful of Songs
1.16 You Gotta Go
1.17 Hey You!
1.18 Honky-Tonk Blues
1.19 Happy Guitar (From "The Duke Wore Jeans")
1.20 Time to Kill
1.21 Nairobi
1.22 On the Move
1.23 Only Man on the Island
1.24 The Truth About Me
1.25 Butterfly
1.26 Family Tree (From "The Duke Wore Jeans")
1.27 It's All Happening
1.28 Will It Be You
1.29 Come on, Let's Go
1.30 Treasure of Love
1.31 Put a Ring on Her Finger
1.32 Thanks a Lot (From "The Duke Wore Jeans")
1.33 A Lovely Night (From Harold Fielding's "Cinderella")
1.34 Photograph (From "The Duke Wore Jeans")
1.35 Number 22 Across the Way
1.36 Hair-Down Hoe-Down (From "The Duke Wore Jeans")
1.37 I Like

Tommy Steele: Real Steele

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