Tony Barre

Tony Barre: Barre Handed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tony Barre

Title: Barre Handed
Label: CD Baby

For Immediate Release (Palm Springs, California/MAY 2005) Music That Fits...One Note At A Time Tony Barre's NEW CD 'BARRE HANDED' Barre's first CD 'Barre Parts', is an hour of dark, synthesized trance with an excellent core rhythm. Barre has skillfully and subtly delivered style and variation beyond the lather-rinse-repeat monotony of many minimalist composers, while including the consistency to enhance virtually any scene. After many hours of research and development ... And some time in the Barre Spot Studio - It's Alive... And It's a Beautiful Baby 'Barre'... BARRE HANDED Over an hour of music that oozes testosterone out of your speakers. This new CD is 'Ambient and Thick' As the title implies, BARRE HANDED was written and produced with a vision...Music that fits - one note at a time. After ample 'Test Driving', those who raved about BARRE PARTS, say they totally find their zone, literally and figuratively, with BARRE HANDED. And are still raving about BARRE PARTS. BARRE HANDED consists of 4 tracks, each 15-16 minutes long. The first selection is entitled 'Social', and delivers the message that part of what we do is simply social activity among a group of like- minded individuals. The second title is 'Ten Digits', first things first. The third track is entitled 'Within Arms Reach', life can be that way. And track 4 is 'Barre Handed', need I say more? This track smokes. BARRE HANDED is darker in places than BARRE PARTS and more ambient in others, yet retains the edgy-masculine and in-charge attitude associated with Barre Parts and Tony's work in general. The next project (currently untitled) is in the works and the third CD is tentatively set for release September 2005. XXX.

1.1 Social
1.2 Ten Digits
1.3 Within Arms Reach
1.4 Barre Handed

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