Tony Larremore: Worship in the Field

Tony Larremore: Worship in the Field
Title: Worship in the Field
Label: CD Baby

First of all, I'm just a regular guy who enjoy's serving at my local Church as a worship Pastor. I've been leading worship since 1992 and playing guitar since 1988. Worship in the field, is filled with a lot of songs written between 1995-2000. Most of the songs were written in a field by my house. Thus the name... I would take my Bible and guitar to a few of my favorite spots and just read, journal, and play my guitar. That's where most of these songs were birthed. I came home from a powerful time leading worship at a youth camp and felt like I was supposed to record some of the songs God had given and share them abroad. So I began that journey not having a clue how or what to do? In August 2004, I recorded this album in a friends basement. Most of the songs were intended for mostly a few acoustic instruments. However, in the process of recording, we got far away from my original initial intent and vision for the sound I was looking for. If I've learned anything in my life, it's to never underestimate God in anything! I hope you hear the Heart of God in this music and enjoy the songs! God Bless Tony.

1.1 Psalm 96
1.2 All My Praise
1.3 Dyne-O-Mite
1.4 Coming Your Way
1.5 I'm Not Ashamed
1.6 Light ; Love
1.7 Beautiful to Me
1.8 I'm Running
1.9 When You Call to Me
1.10 Worship of My Love
1.11 Adore
1.12 Winds of Love
1.13 Souls
1.14 Worship in the Field

Tony Larremore: Worship in the Field

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