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Top Dead Celebrity: Self Title

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Artist: Top Dead Celebrity
Title: Self Title

New review of Top Dead Celebrity's self titled album in Outburn Magazine! -Dan Slessor ...Fire up the band's eponymous debut (on local indie label Exigent Records), and suddenly you're riding nekkid, bloody and bareback on a giant Black Lab that burps blue flames and feasts on felines as you snort Adderall-reducing your pupils to mere pixels, munch on a bucket of Extra Crispy, and send drunken text messages to ex-girlfriends just to say, as Anderson bellows on 'Lucifer's Hammer,' 'Hey, little miss dinosaur: What do you think of my asteroid?'... - Randy Harward 'Honestly, how many good metal albums begin with faux-wind sounds? It should be a metal prerogative-warning listeners of the audio-apocalypse that cometh. Still, no amount of warning could prepare you for Top Dead Celebrity's brutal assault. After a brooding intro, singer Jeff Anderson kicks it out with a blood-curdling scream on the aptly titled 'Lucifer's Hammer.' And the album never let's up. Between fist-pumping verses and heavy breakdown-choruses, each song on Top Dead Celebrity finds new hells to throw listeners in without sounding monotonous (a rare feat in metal). While many of their counterparts are happy with growling vocals, Anderson isn't afraid to sing high-which makes a song about dinosaurs extra threatening ('Hey little miss dinosaur/ what do you think of my asteroid?').' -City Weekly Top Dead Celebrity = Converge + Candiria + Kyuss The opening track 'Illuminati' on Top Dead Celebrity's self-titled album made me hope this would be a dynamic instrumental band, and then right towards the end of the well-laced opening track they speed it up, give it the Kyuss kick and the hammer drops. Top Dead Celebrity is all about laying down the law from here on out. The music has some serious machismo, which a lot bands lack these days, and everyone knows that in order to have blues-laced hardcore, it's mandatory to have machismo seeping out of every pore. The boys in Top Dead Celebrity definitely have enough machismo to keep the hardcore engine running. --Jon Robertson Slug Magazine 'Top Dead Celebrity officially unleash their self-titled full-length on Exigent Records, a punishing album full of tasty licks and maniacal vocals delivered in a drooling cadence so that 'We shoot idiots,' for example, sounds like 'We shewwwwwwt eeyyedeeahhts!' At times, the howls mellow some, even drifting into savage, throaty Mark Lanegan territory as on 'The Animal,' an epic 11-minute track that leaps from spare bass lines to one devilish climatic whirl.' -Jamie Gadette.

1.1 Illuminati
1.2 Lucifers Hammer
1.3 Six Demon Bag
1.4 Calibrated
1.5 The Preacher
1.6 We Shoot Idiots
1.7 Unbreakable
1.8 The Road
1.9 Wasteland
1.10 The Animal

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