Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center: Living the Scream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Top Dead Center

Title: Living the Scream
Label: CD Baby

It started with the foundation. Ryan Patrick (Bass), Sam Murphy (guitar) and Mikey Lee (drums), three seasoned players coming together with one goal; to create a female-fronted metal band that could NOT be ignored. But who would be the front woman who could deliver the goods? Enter singer/screamer Nikki Brutal. On the heels of a ear-splitting howl unleashed at her first audition, Top Dead Center born, and the Phoenix music scene would never be the same. Alternately described as 'a female-fronted Seether', and 'if Halestorm, All That Remains, and Motley Crue had a drunken three-way and had a baby', Top Dead Center seemlessly blends old school songwriting with modern aesthetics to create a fresh new sound. Each member contributes a unique presence and style rarely seen in today's 'nameless/faceless' metal bands. Uncensored, slightly sleazy, and dripping with attitude, TDC burst upon the Southwest club circuit and quickly earned a dedicated and loyal local following, packing clubs by word-of-mouth as news of their frenetic live shows quickly spread. In that time, TDC has shared the stage with national acts such as Bang Tango, Otto's Daughter, Ember, and Dizzy Reed (Guns and Roses). Now ready to bring their unique sound nationwide, Top Dead Center is scheduled to release it's full-length debut album 'Living The Scream' on September 24, 2011. Two years in the making, this album was produced by nationally accredited producer Michael Beck. THIS is the band that is going to have people talking.

1.1 Hope to Die
1.2 Bad Somethin'
1.3 Fuck Me Fuck You
1.4 Devil's Lullaby
1.5 Sanctuary
1.6 Sweet Revenge
1.7 Don't Know Shit
1.8 My Sacrifice
1.9 Deep Down and Dirty
1.10 Never Had a Right to Know

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