Torill: Chill & a Fire

Torill: Chill & a Fire
Title: Chill & a Fire
Label: CD Baby

Torill - back on track! With her new CD, A Chill & A Fire, Torill gives you the chills, as she lights up your heart with her vocal fire. This eclectic song collection offers tastes of life from all angles. Torill ignites your emotions and drives you to the dance floor, beguiles you through powerful ballads and puts you to bed, wanting more... Winners and losers, dancers and dreamers; wait till it happens to you! Torill was born in Norway, the land of the midnight sun! At 16 she won a national singing contest, which led to her first recording contract... She became Norway's entrant to international music festivals. They won her honors, and resulted in television and stage engagements on the Continent. After winning international praise for her musical and dramatic performances in theatre, television and cabaret venues, show business conquered Torill's ambitions to study law at The University of Oslo. Torill left the land of the midnight sun, to discover America, the country of dreams. Alexis Restaurant in San Francisco embraced her, the critics praised her, and the lines grew to see: "The most authentic nightspot chanteuse to come along since that term was in vogue... A Superstar!" Her first US album was released, and hit the national charts for "new hot products." She did several television shows, Starred in Bal du Moulin Rouge at The Las Vegas Hilton, and played many of the top supper clubs in the U.S. Torill opened The New Orleans Room at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco to cabaret. And all the while, she bedazzled Europe and The Far East with stage and television performances. RENDEZ-VOUS WITH MARLENE Torill's resemblance to Marlene Dietrich, and the repeated requests by her audiences to do "an evening with Dietrich," as she became the \'Lili Marlen of Knob Hill\' in San Francisco, finally triggered her to write the critically acclaimed and multi award winning musical play about The Hollywood Icon, called \'Rendez-vous With Marlene.\'According to Los Angeles Times; \'In a tour de force performance...\' Torill recaptures the essence of this mysterious, unpredictable woman, who defied categorization. The Blue Angel kept "Falling In Love Again" - and again, as she conquered the world with her unmatched, mesmerizing presence. PIAF - SA VIE EN ROSE Torill, inspired by that success, and linked to The Great, French Chanteuse Edith Piaf through her beloved song La Vie En Rose, which opened the doors to Alexis Restaurant in San Francisco, then wrote the critically acclaimed musical play, called Piaf - Sa Vie En Rose. Torill wanders through the boulevards of broken dreams, as she revives The Sparrow, the legend, whose voice shattered the world and made it so miserably happy! The multitalented, multifaceted Torill now offers you - A Chill & A Fire!!!

1.1 Chill ; a Fire
1.2 Midnight Blue
1.3 With Oue More Look at You
1.4 Party Music
1.5 Over ; Over
1.6 Wake Me Up in a New Love
1.7 Until the Next Time
1.8 Wish
1.9 Turning on the Night with Love
1.10 Wait Till It Happens to You
1.11 Heavy Day
1.12 Steal Away Again
1.13 If Dreams Would Come True
1.14 If I Never Sing Another Song

Torill: Chill & a Fire

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