Tower of Dudes

Tower of Dudes: Make Your Own Culture

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Tower of Dudes

Title: Make Your Own Culture
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Make Your Own Culture is the Tower of Dudes' third full-length album and the first on their new record label, Velvet Rut Records. The band and the label think that it sounds so damn good that they are releasing it on vinyl. Velvet Rut Records has also promised to send it into space on a golden turntable so aliens have something great to listen to because space, although vast, can also be vastly dull (and quiet). This album contains 12 new tracks of fast-paced, energetic and punchy music by six people who care about music. Just listen to the record. Recorded by Myke Hall at MFH Studios in Victoria, BC over the later half of 2013, this album was made with a live feeling, but with a lot of attention to mixes. The songs range from the title track, "Make Your Own Culture" - a speedy straight ahead gypsy punk song that rallies for self-reliance and creating new traditions, to "Morning" - a sad song about waking up and going to work. With plenty of time changes, odd time signatures, and eastern scales coupled with honest and nuanced lyrics, Make Your Own Culture is The Tower of Dudes finest album to date. Really. We think you're going to like it.

1.1 Make Your Own Culture
1.2 DÜM
1.3 We Never Learn Anything
1.4 Never Coming Down
1.5 Station Wagon
1.6 Pretty Special
1.7 Lower Shelf Taste
1.8 Party (Like You Used to Could)
1.9 Let It Go
1.10 10,000 Hours
1.11 Please Don't Bury Me Alive
1.12 Morning

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