Tower of Power

Tower of Power: Bump City / Tower Of Power: Expanded Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tower of Power

Title: Bump City / Tower Of Power: Expanded Edition
Label: Soulmusic Records

Tower of Power's extremely funky ride began with these 2 LPs, brought back here on 2 CDs along with bonus single versions of their hits "You're Still a Young Man" and the ultra-super-mega-funky classic "What Is Hip?" You also get the hits "So Very Hard to Go" and "Down to the Nightclub" plus another impossibly groovy favorite, "Soul Vaccination," and "You Got to Funkifize," "Flash in the Pan," "Clever Girl"...21 early T.O.P. essentials, newly remastered with extensive liner notes! SoulMusic.

1.1 You Got to Get Funkifize
1.2 What Happened to the World That Day?
1.3 Flash in the Pan
1.4 Gone
1.5 You Strike My Main Nerve
1.6 Down to the Nightclub
1.7 You're Still a Young Man
1.8 Skating on Thin Ice
1.9 Of the Earth
1.10 You're Still a Young Man (Edit)
2.1 What Is Hip?
2.2 Clever Girl
2.3 This Time It's Real
2.4 Will I Ever Find a Love?
2.5 Get Yo' Feet Back on the Ground
2.6 So Very Hard to Go
2.7 Soul Vaccination
2.8 Both Sorry Over Nothin' -
2.9 Clean Slate
2.10 Just Another Day
2.11 What Is Hip? (Edited Version)

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