Toxik: Iii Works

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Toxik

Artist: Toxik
Title: Iii Works

3 CD box set of New York based Toxik. This is material recorded after their 2 albums released by Roadrunner. Never before released material recorded including the complete recording session of 'In Humanity (2014) and 'Breaking Clas$ (2017) plus brand new songs and new re-recorded Toxik classics. Stunning package plus poster.

1.1 Too Late
1.2 Program Insertion
1.3 Crooked Crosses
1.4 Subverter
1.5 In Humanity
1.6 Lunacy's Fringe (Instrumental)
2.1 Stand Up
2.2 Breaking Clas$
2.3 Psyop
2.4 Anthem
2.5 Upside Down
2.6 Dreaming in Chrome (Instrumental)
3.1 Kinetic Closure
3.2 Spontaneous
3.3 Heart Attack
3.4 Greed
3.5 False Prophets
3.6 Think This
3.7 Social Overload
3.8 Shotgun Logic
3.9 World Circus
3.10 No Rest for the Wicked

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