Tracy S. Feldman

Tracy S. Feldman: Middle of the Road

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Artist: Tracy S. Feldman
Title: Middle of the Road

Bromide Hill is located just south of Sulpher OK. It's springs were known to be healing, and spring on Bromide hill was healing to me. I wove the sad history of OK into this song about healing and choices. Three songs form a set (a trilogy) about our interactions/perspectives on the environment--from people in perpetual motion out of the cities, to trash strewn in the back yards of OK, to a memorial for a once wooded plot. Wildfire is from the point of view of a woman pining for the boyfriend who cheated, abused, and insulted her--a love-hate reminiscence in the face of contemplating his potential loss. Hole in the Universe--finding what good we can in the present when the prospects for the future don't look good. Me and Cal--my exploration of why school shootings happen, and what could stop them. Bird--a first experience with teen summer love. Shelter--two true stories woven together about prejudice, illegal actions, and abuse. A Family Affair.... The first part, at least is true--by me and my wife. Navy Blues is a portrait of a friend whose son joined the armed forces just like they did. Whispers--to my love. Envelope--a song with no verbs, about going nowhere. His imaginary friends--the cycle of abuse from the perspective of those abused by the abused. The mountain range blues... hard times, continued. Out of this world--my dedication to my amazing friend Greg Taylor, whose music still shines through all who knew him. When the Smashed Hit Band plays--a typical folk song about homeless people, bad music, and festivals.

1.1 Bromide Hill
1.2 Livin' in the Country (Trilogy, Part I)
1.3 Wildfire
1.4 The World Is at My Feet (Trilogy, Part II)
1.5 Theme for a Patch of Woods (Trilogy, Part III)
1.6 Hole in the Universe
1.7 Me and Cal
1.8 Bird
1.9 Shelter
1.10 A Family Affair
1.11 Navy Blues
1.12 Whispers
1.13 Envelope
1.14 His Imaginary Friends
1.15 The Mountain Range Blues
1.16 Out of This World (For Greg Taylor)
1.17 When the Smash Hit Band Plays

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