Traffic Signs & Jake the Rapper

Traffic Signs & Jake the Rapper: Cookie Jar

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Cookie Jar
Label: Traffic Signs
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The first tunes by Steve Bug as Traffic Signs were classic jack tracks that devastated dancefloors, and "Cookie Jar" is a more than worthy successor. Berlin legend Jake the Rapper adds a spoken vocal fit for an age of internet sextapes and celebrity photo hacking. Steve Bug makes fine adjustments for the club, bouncing around the kick drums and doubling the synth riff with strings, while Joyce Muniz's dark, stroking treatment adds a dirty bassline for sexy, sweat-drenched dancefloors. Stripping away the vocal on the dub, Muniz's production talents are all the more scintillating, irresistibly kinetic from beginning to end.

1.1 Cookie Jar (Steve Bug's Dirty Fingers Mix) Remix - Steve Bug 07:00
1.2 Cookie Jar 06:51
2.1 Cookie Jar (Joyce Muniz Remix) Remix - Joyce Muniz 06:16
2.2 Cookie Jar (Joyce Muniz Dub Remix) Remix - Joyce Muniz 06:16

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