Trag: Catch the Storm

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Artist: Trag

Artist: Trag
Title: Catch the Storm

OUR TOAD'S PLACE PERFORMANCE ON MAY 28TH HAS BEEN REVIEWED BY JOHN A. WILCOX AT PROGSHEET.COM! HERE'S WHAT HE HAD TO SAY: 'Damned if there wasn't a Prog band up next! A fine one, at that! Built around the Husband / Wife team of Mark and Nora Tragianese (I last saw Mark ages ago in Kinetic Sect!) Trag put in a solid performance of Prog with an Alterna-twinge. Mark on drums and Nora on vocals & keyboards were joined by bassist Paul Kelly and guitarist Robert Iandoli. In addition to 2 songs from '11th House' - 'On The Edge' and 'Minutes Before Midnight' - they previewed 4 tracks - 'Sorrowful & Pitiful [Situation], 'Chance For Change', 'Rusted Man', and 'The Moment' - from their upcoming release, 'Catch The Storm'. A solid set with Middle Eastern rhythms of 'Rusted Man' and the stellar drumming on 'The Moment' especially catching my ear!'

1.1 Calm Before the Storm [Instrumental]
1.2 Energy Remains
1.3 Sorrowful ; Pitiful Situations
1.4 Struggle
1.5 The Moment
1.6 Balance to Survive
1.7 No Wine, No Women ; No Song
1.8 Chance for Change
1.9 Rusted Man
1.10 Mystery Drink [Instrumental]
1.11 Nudge
1.12 Catch the Storm

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