Trail Band

Trail Band: Oregon Stories

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Artist: Trail Band

Artist: Trail Band
Title: Oregon Stories

Oregon Stories' paints a stark vision of Americana drawn from the band's roots in folk, rock, country, and traditional music. The ghosts of Stephen Foster, Woody Guthrie or Bill Monroe might be heard echoing through these 15 originals, but the imagery un. Trails End. 2004.

1.1 Tuck It Away
1.2 Celilo Prelude
1.3 Celilo
1.4 The Red House
1.5 Good Rain
1.6 Daddy's Dream
1.7 Poverty with a View
1.8 One More Dollar
1.9 Losing Ground
1.10 Lullaby for Tonya
1.11 In the Flood
1.12 Barlow Road
1.13 All Gone Away
1.14 Eggs in My Beer
1.15 Meadowlark

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