Transylvanian Folk Troupe

Transylvanian Folk Troupe: Pan Pipe Songs and Dances from Transylvania

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Artist: Transylvanian Folk Troupe
Title: Pan Pipe Songs and Dances from Transylvania

The pan flute has long been popular as a folk instrument, and is considered the first mouth organ, ancestor of both the pipe organ and the harmonica. The European curved-style pan flute was popularized by the Romanian musician Gheorghe Zamfir, who toured extensively and recorded many albums of pan flute music in the 1970s, and by several other artists who began recording at the same time. Today there are thousands of devoted players across Europe, Asia and the Americas. The pan pipe is closely associated with the Romanian region of Transylvania which is represented here, in the unique styles of their pan pipes and their ancient folk songs. Original recordings, digitally remastered.

1.1 Szigetkozi Dudanotak
1.2 Zorog a Cidrus
1.3 Bonchidai
1.4 Eleki Roman Tancdallamok
1.5 Drava Menti Horvath Nepdalok
1.6 Szeki Keserves
1.7 Szepkenyeruszentmartoni Koszonto
1.8 Amerikas Dal
1.9 Lassu Csardas Es Bertoke Verbunk
1.10 Udvarhelyszeki Dalok
1.11 Szeki Verbunk
1.12 Banat Banat de Banatos Vagyok
1.13 Lonai Keserves
1.14 Eszak-Mezosegi Tanczene Lassu Csardas
1.15 En Az Uton
1.16 Szekelyfoldi Tancok
1.17 Azert Vagyok Lenvirag

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