Trapped Within

Trapped Within: Many Seasons Have Past

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Artist: Trapped Within

Artist: Trapped Within
Title: Many Seasons Have Past

Trapped Within melds musical styles from early 90's rock with modern sounds of today to form an original blend of music. In late '04, Welch (Drums) and Kuehlewind (Guitar) began the process of writing material which became an on-going effort over the next couple years working the songs as time permitted. The band in '08 started work with bassist Josh French and vocalist Carlo Piselli. December 24, 2008 was the day our band and lives changed forever. Our beloved, dear friend, and bassist Josh French tragically passed away due to heart complications. He will always be remembered placing his soul into jamming with his life long friends. R.I.P. Josh. You will be greatly missed and hopefully through these songs your memory will be preserved.

1.1 Distance
1.2 No Chance
1.3 Something Better
1.4 Go Away
1.5 Last Time
1.6 Accept
1.7 I Tried
1.8 Trying to Hide
1.9 Last Time
1.10 Tread South

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