Trenine: Congregation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Trenine

Title: Congregation
Label: CD Baby

Let's start with music is my life. We can change a struggle for someone that suffers the same experience. Music is a strong a powerful force for you to desire your destiny. The future awaits your arrival listen for the hook let life take it's course. If you're not satisfied with my melody then you wouldn't be a true Emcee.It takes one to know one until next time be easy and listen to the album I'm out.

1.1 We Don't Hold Back
1.2 Hold on
1.3 Through the City Streets
1.4 Surviving the Streets
1.5 Laid Back Bumpin 80's Music
1.6 Smelling Pussy in the Club
1.7 These Tables Are Turning
1.8 They All Fall Down
1.9 You Don't Wanna Come in
1.10 Thall Shall Not Kill
1.11 Toot the Booty Up
1.12 My Hoe Phat
1.13 Use to Back Down
1.14 Make Your Mind Change

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