Trepaneringsritualen: Algir eller Algir i Merkstave

Trepaneringsritualen: Algir eller Algir i Merkstave
Title: Algir eller Algir i Merkstave
Label: Cold Spring
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. 180 gram vinyl; printed inner sleeve. Trepaneringsritualen return to Cold Spring Records with an album-long ritual working entitled - Algir; eller Algir i Merkstave. This record - constructed from a series of rituals designated to guide the last ceasing of ? ? - T × R × P - is manifest in it's most obscure form. Sonically minimal yet devastating in emotional impact, this working let's the listener grasp the last vestiges of Nifl and Múspell, and with them as weapon and beacon traverse the Night. reveals a barren landscape where crooked paths lead onward, through soot black veils to a point of radiant light where all that is Union & Dissolution. Dedicated to our sister, ? ?. T × R × P channeled through the forms of ???, ???, and ? ? at the 63rd Link, 4 & Rising, and Zone Rouge December 2017 e.v. - July 2018 e.v. Mastered by Martin Bowes. Artwork by Nullvoid.

1.1 I'll Be There for You
1.2 Chico - Death of a Rockstar
2.1 Fury - the Origin
2.2 Crystal Clear
3.1 Demonz
3.2 Digital
3.3 Temper Temper
4.1 Letter of Fate
4.2 Truth
4.3 Dragonfly

Trepaneringsritualen: Algir eller Algir i Merkstave

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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