Treva Blomquist: These Fading Things

Treva Blomquist: These Fading Things
Title: These Fading Things
Label: CD Baby

'There are no weak links on this album, and that's a rare statement to make these days. The disc ends as strongly as it begins... It's been a while since I have heard an album that has so many strong possibilities in so many genres. Consider me sold!' - Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville ALBUM INFO: Treva Blomquist - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Toy Piano Ben Gortmaker - Acoustic Guitar (1, 7), BGV (1, 11), Electric Guitar (2, 11) Rob McNelley - Electric Guitars Ian Fitchuk - Drums/Percussion Drew Wilson - Bass Jeff Pardo - Hammond B3 (5, 7), Piano (6, 12) Brad Odum - Drums/Percussion (2, 11) Hitoshi Yamaguchi - Cello Eric Quarim - Keys (2, 11) Erick Jaskowiak - BGV (4) Recorded, Engineered & Mixed By Erick Jaskowiak (ErickJ Productions, LLC) Recorded at Compass Sound Studio, Nashville TN Additional engineering by Michael Feeney at The Compound Studio G Mixed at Monkey Holler Studio Mastered by Eric Conn and Don Cobb at Independent Mastering Photo & Cover design by Lance Johnston, Conway AR SONG CREDITS: You Don't Believe & I Don't Even Know You Written by Treva Blomquist & Ben Gortmaker © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing / Good Gort Music (ASCAP) On Your Own & Slow It Down & Change Written by Treva Blomquist © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing (ASCAP) So Wrong For You & Nobody's Fault Written by Treva Blomquist & Jeff Pardo © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing / Simple Tense Songs (ASCAP) Chasing After You & Live A Little Written by Treva Blomquist & Carolyn Miller (with thanks to C.S. Lewis) © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing (ASCAP) / Yellow Tree Tunes (SESAC) Poor Wayfaring Stranger Traditional, Public Domain © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing (ASCAP) I Write The Book Written by Patty Griffin © One Big Love / Alamo Music Corp (ASCAP) Promise Me Written by Treva Blomquist & John Hamlin © 2011 Plain Vanilla Publishing / Sevin Tulip Lane Publishing (ASCAP) THOUGHTS AND THANKS: The making of this album has been a very special time for me. A week before I went into the studio I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I've often joked about not having any children because my CDs are my babies. But this year, I was extra productive. I created my third musical 'baby' and my first child, Zach. My life could not be sweeter, and I thank God for all of it. I'd like to thank my husband, Josh, for his unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in me, I love you. Thank you to all my co-writers (Ben, Carolyn, Jeff and John) for putting a piece of yourself into these songs. To all the musicians, thank you for adding your color to the canvas. It was a pleasure working with each of you. Special thanks to my Suits, I love each of you, thanks for your friendship. To Erick J, thanks for putting together an amazing group and thanks for your patience with me. It's finished! Cliff Foster, thank you for giving us free reign of your garage and space heater for a few days. Mike, thank you for transforming Cliff's garage into a vocal studio and for freezing your fingers off with me while we recorded vocals. Brrr. Thank you Eric, Don & Chaco for an excellent mastering job, x 2. Thank you Lance & Melissa, for your amazing photos and your friendship. Thank you Rachel Pearl and Drew Burchfield for the countless nights I've spent in your guest rooms & refrigerators, y'all are true friends. Last but not least, thank YOU, yes, Y-O-U, for supporting my music. - Treva.

1.1 You Don't Believe
1.2 On Your Own
1.3 So Wrong for You
1.4 Slow It Down
1.5 Chasing After You
1.6 Poor Wayfaring Stranger
1.7 I Write the Book
1.8 Live a Little
1.9 I Don't Even Know You
1.10 Change
1.11 Promise Me
1.12 Nobody's Fault

Treva Blomquist: These Fading Things

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