Tribal Chants Ensemble

Tribal Chants Ensemble: Tribal Chants, Drums, and Songs of Africa

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Artist: Tribal Chants Ensemble
Title: Tribal Chants, Drums, and Songs of Africa

Recorded in the wilds of Africa, this historic recording is one of the most authentic representations of African tribal music in existence. Classic recording, digitally remastered.

1.1 High Priest
1.2 Bethelemu
1.3 Drums of Passion
1.4 Hymn of Praise
1.5 Dance of the Hunter
1.6 Warrior
1.7 Ipi 'N' Tombia
1.8 Zimbaba
1.9 White Zombie
1.10 Witch Doctor
1.11 Dance of the Tribes
1.12 Tribal Spirits
1.13 Dance of the Flies
1.14 Ayinde
1.15 Wasalu
1.16 Ire Do Do Ye
1.17 Frekoba
1.18 Mbira
1.19 Omo Pupa
1.20 Alose

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