Trinity: His Perfect Love Songs of Hope

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Artist: Trinity

Artist: Trinity
Title: His Perfect Love Songs of Hope

The women of 'Trinity' sing with a unique blend and vocal style that was created and refined by singing together on a weekly basis for several years. Creating arrangements where all three members were able to sing in harmony throughout was challenging yet extremely rewarding. The beauty of three exquisite female voices backed by a male band provides a unique musical blend. Included as a bonus feature is a 24 page booklet which provides insight for the inspiration, motivation and Scriptural theme for each song, along with bios of each member of the group. These songs were created to bless and encourage you in your daily lives. Each one has it own specific purpose, and by utilizing the voices of 'Trinity' as a vehicle to communicate the messages, it is our hope that these songs will grow in significance for you over time as they provide inspiration and comfort. As you become familiar with them we pray that they will help you in your own walk with the Lord Jesus, or in your spiritual journey to come to know Him in the fullness of His mercy, love and grace.

1.1 In This Place
1.2 Our Risen Lord
1.3 Never Again
1.4 How Awesome Are You Lord
1.5 I Just Want to Praise You
1.6 The Lord Is My Guide and My Shepherd
1.7 I Think That I Have Fallen
1.8 Lord of My Righteousness
1.9 Love Never Fails
1.10 His Perfect Love
1.11 We Need Your Power

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