Trinity: Paris Eyes

Trinity: Paris Eyes
Title: Paris Eyes
Label: CD Baby

With the unusual combination of trumpet, Hammond organ and drums, the jazz trio Trinity not only creates a fresh sound, but also approaches their music with unique musical tools. By way of near-telepathic musical rapport, and deep insight into the repertoire they interpret, this trio has worked up an inspiring musical synergy, which happily has ended up on record. In Trinity, the main responsibility of carrying the melody lies in the hands of highly competent trumpet player Karl Olandersson, who despite his youth is reckoned among the very best jazz exponents of the trumpet in Sweden and Scandinavia. His impeccable timing, flawless technique and ability to conjure up playful and inventive improvisations makes him an incomparable front man for the trio. Secondly, the amazing Andreas Hellkvist has already established himself in Sweden as one of few Hammond organ players skilled enough to use both hands and feet while playing, consequently controlling the bass, the mid-register and the treble simultaneously. Through his all-encompassing musical conception of the organ, Hellkvist impresses by pumping pervasive, melodic energy into the trio. Finally, Ali Djeridi is among the topmost elite of Swedish jazz drummers, evidenced by his popularity and involvement in numerous musical projects. His clear musical vision, performance skill and versatility makes him the perfect drummer of the trio, able to supply his team members with precise and imaginative rhythms. Trinity has gained great reputation in Sweden because of their breath-taking interplay, evolved through years of touring and rehearsing. In the competent hands of Olandersson, Hellkvist and Djeridi, any style of music is elevated to a higher artistic level, technically demanding but still playful, and always enjoyable.

1.1 Puttin' on the Ritz
1.2 Paris Eyes
1.3 Reboppin'
1.4 Just Friends
1.5 Old Folks
1.6 Driftin'
1.7 Luny Tune
1.8 Strange Mood
1.9 The Preacher
1.10 Underbart ÄR Kort

Trinity: Paris Eyes

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