Trio21: Falling Canons / Falling Trio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Trio21

Title: Falling Canons / Falling Trio
Label: Naxos American

Kenneth Fuchs is one of America's leading composers and his music is performed worldwide. After writing Falling Man, a work for baritone voice and orchestra based on the post-9/11 novel by Don DeLillo, Fuchs explored the principal theme in his rigorously developed Falling Canons for solo piano. Falling Trio grows out of the same theme, and from it's ethereal opening presents a series of seven fantasy variations. String Quartet No. 5 is an exciting, large-scale work that explores the contrapuntal possibilities of a single 'American' theme.

1.1 Canon No. 1 - Christopher O'Riley
1.2 Canon No. 2 - Christopher O'Riley
1.3 Canon No. 3 - Christopher O'Riley
1.4 Canon No. 4 - Christopher O'Riley
1.5 Canon No. 5 - Christopher O'Riley
1.6 Canon No. 6 - Christopher O'Riley
1.7 Canon No. 7 - Christopher O'Riley
1.8 Adagio Semplice - Allegro Giocoso - Poco Agitato (L'istesso Tempo) - Adagio Misterioso - Delray String Quartet
1.9 Allegro Agitato - Presto Agitato - Delray String Quartet
1.10 Elegia: Lento Cantabile - Allegro Satirico (Alla Valzer) - Lento - Allegro Satirico, Poco Agitato - Adagio Lamentoso - Delray String Quartet
1.11 Allegro Giocoso - Larghetto, Poco Misterioso - Allegro Giocoso - Delray String Quartet
1.12 Falling Trio - Trio21

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