Trish Hatley

Trish Hatley: Sing Ask & It Is Given

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Trish Hatley

Title: Sing Ask & It Is Given
Label: CD Baby

Sing Positive Affirmations - Affirm Foundation! The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our future. This CD is a tool to help you positively focus on empowering thoughts. This is The Law Of Attraction...what you think, you get! The spoken word is very powerful...singing the words with emotion are even more powerful! The lyrics to these songs are positive and affirming. You will keep singing, humming and waking in the morning with the joy of these songs. Singing the lyrics of this uplifting music focuses your desires and attracts positive change.

1.1 I'm Getting Better Everyday
1.2 Attitude of Gratitude
1.3 Doin' the Right Thing
1.4 I'm in the Process
1.5 Good Good Vibrations
1.6 Gettin' Better
1.7 I Love Myself
1.8 Sing, Ask and It Is Given
1.9 I'm Living in Peace SND Ease
1.10 I'll Raise My Vibration
1.11 Pure Desire (Fill in the Blanks)
1.12 I'm Living in the Positive

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