Triton Brass: Triton Brass

Triton Brass: Triton Brass
Title: Triton Brass
Label: CD Baby

Ours is a story of multiple personalities. Triton is a collaboration, and most importantly, a friendship, with five equal partners. Formed in 2001, Triton has seen, heard, and accomplished a great many things together, from performing for tens of thousands at an outdoor festival to an intimate club in Lyon. For years we have sought a way to convey the strength, passion, and raw energy that have marked our live performances from the very start. This recording is the result of our pursuit to capture extreme musical risk-taking on record. Here we have finally satisfied our need to hear the intensely collaborative, quixotic and reckless music making that has always driven us forward and kept us together. -Andrew, Steve, Shelagh, Wes, Angel.

1.1 Mental Disorders: I. Multiple Personalities
1.2 Mental Disorders: II. What Could Have Been / What Is
1.3 Mental Disorders: III. Add / Adhd
1.4 Mental Disorders: IV. Death Stare
1.5 Io Mi Son Giovinetta
1.6 Tendre Amour
1.7 Michelle
1.8 Passages: I. Quarter Note = 120
1.9 Passages: II. Moderato
1.10 Passages: III. Vivace
1.11 Passages: IV. Calme
1.12 Passages: V. Allant, Sans Presser
1.13 Fugata
1.14 Lo Que Vendra
1.15 Cafe 1930

Triton Brass: Triton Brass

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