Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife: All the Sides

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Artist: Trophy Wife

Artist: Trophy Wife
Title: All the Sides

2014 release, the third full-length release from the Philadelphia band Trophy Wife. The band (consisting of Diane Foglizzo and Katy Otto) formed in Washington, DC and has toured internationally for the past six years, developing a powerful grassroots following. With an orientation towards social justice, this duo plays loud music to survive. Drawing inspiration from artists like the Need, Shellac, Big Business and Lauryn Hill, Trophy Wife is the artistic conversation between two friends.

1.1 Breakdown
1.2 It Comes in Waves... (Neil Young)
1.3 Audrey's Song
1.4 Jesus Was a Miner/Minor
1.5 Mineral Memory
1.6 Family Tree
1.7 Insomnia
1.8 Transition

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