Troubled Coast

Troubled Coast: Letters

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Artist: Troubled Coast

Artist: Troubled Coast
Title: Letters

On their second Creator-Destructor Records release, Troubled Coast are seen pushing their sound into an entirely new realm. While the same ferocity of the band's debut release is evident in 'Letters', the band successfully delves into unchartered territory more akin to Thrice, Brand New, and Crime in Stereo. While their musical tendencies have shifted over the last two years, the band manages to achieve a progressed and positively refined sophomore effort.

1.1 Amends
1.2 Wolf Republic
1.3 Breathing
1.4 Night Drives
1.5 It's Not Good for You
1.6 Drug Halo
1.7 Feigned Belief
1.8 Xx/Yy
1.9 Absent Father, Holy Ghost
1.10 Me and My Shadow
1.11 A Shallow Place
1.12 Love

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