Truus De Groot & Bosko Hrnjak

Truus De Groot & Bosko Hrnjak: Salton Sink: Salton Sea 1

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Product Type: CD

Title: Salton Sink: Salton Sea 1
Label: CD Baby

Truus plays a variety of experimental electronic instruments on this CD, with the legendary Crackle Synthesizer - 'Kraakdoos' - prominently featured. As one of the very few people, Truus played the Crackle Synthesizer in the seventies alongside the great Crackle master himself, Michel Waisvisz, to who's memory this CD is dedicated. Salton Sea is an exhibition of sight and sound, which grew out of our obsession with urban archeology. We have been exploring the Salton Sea desert area's endlessly fascinating mid century ruins -- and the awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounding them -- for many years (see about page). The photographs really captured the visual poetics of the place, but we felt that sound and music could engage the subject on an entirely different level, opening it up sensually. In 2009 we were in residency at STEIM, Amsterdam, where our original idea was to make an ambient background for art installation settings -- but we found that the work was equally suited for a live performance. What you hear on the sample cuts are both styles of work.

1.1 1906 Suite
1.2 Vulcan Plant
1.3 Cruel Desert Sea
1.4 Test Base
1.5 Obsidian Butte
1.6 Avenue F
1.7 Hot
1.8 Trailer Park Ruins
1.9 Inland Atlantis
1.10 Deep GT
1.11 The Corner
1.12 Hwy 111
1.13 Sea Chant
1.14 Sunken Marina
1.15 Spirits Aground
1.16 Beacon

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